The Impact of an Educational Program Based on Conflicting and Resolution Strategies in Reducing Violence among Middle School Students in Mosul


The present research aims at constructing an Educational program based on strategies of solving dispute to reduce violence among intermediates stage students in the city of Mosul. It also aims at investigating the effect of strategies of solving dispute in reducing violence among those students. In order to achieve these aims four null hypotheses were settled. The experimental design was applied in this study. The sample of the research includes second- year intermediate stage student in the city of Mosul. The basic sample consists of (80) students distributed among two groups, experimental and control. The equivalence between the two groups were tested statistically in such variable way depending upon certain criteria such as age, intelligence, and parents academic level. An educational program has been made in regards to dispute solving strategies, as well as constructing violence scale of 35 items .The findings are as follow: There is a significant statistical difference for the benefit posttest. This means that the students are affected by the educational program based on dispute solving strategies. There is no significant statistical difference between the scores of students in the experimental group and the control group on the scale of violence. There is no significant statistical difference between the three types of violence; physical, verbal, non- violence, in the posttest according to violence scale