Impact of Educational Program in Developing Students Acceptance of Others in Mosul


An individual in his Lifespan life that spans from childhood to oldness discovers many different cultures that enhance his knowledge and scientific culture. In has adolescence he be sentient of differentiation if he has intellectud abilities and faces different senses concerning cultural, religion or community. In addition, he feels emigrant when he lives with people differ in their religion, community and virtues. Accordingly, the researchers decide to setup an educational program to develop students acceptance of others. The research has been applied on a sample of (60) male and female students divided into four groups: two experimental and two controlling groups. The equivalence between the four groups has been fulfilled. The acceptance of others concerning nationality and religion such as (Kurdish and Turkmens, Christian and Yazedian and Arabs and Shapak) has been measured previously. Then, the program of others acceptance has been administered upon the sample for five weeks. At the end of the training coarse, a post test has been conducted. The finding shows good improvement in the percentage of the acceptance of people from other nationality and religions. In the light of this result, number of recommendations and suggestions have been set. The researchers recommend to add some situations and subjects to the academic curricula to developed the acceptance of others. Also, they recommends to establish a conference and training courses to ensure the acceptance of others. The researchers suggest to investigate the acceptance of normal people to their handicapped peers.