Assessment of health status among orphans in social institute in Tikrit city, Iraq.


ABSTRACT: Background: Health status among the orphans in social institute is of critical importance because they represent significant part of the community, as well as their surrounding circumstances differ from the others as all know. aim of the study to assess the health status among the orphans in social institute in Tikrit city Pateints and Methods: Across sectional study was conducted on 40 residents(boys and girls)at average age between (3-18)years by using a questionnaire form. A period between the beginning of February to the end of April of 2014.A questionnaire form was designed to the of study including information about family history , any health problem ,physical examination regarding weight ,height ,body mass index(BMI). The Results: We found that normal BMI is the commonest among them 47%. The proportion of high BMI increase with the age instead that the proportion of low BMI decrease with age. 31 % of the students between 7 –11years whereas only 39 %of those between 12-18 years were overweight. The normal BMI are equal among both females and males. Psychological problems were prominent among orphans and had become the most important contributor of lower life quality. Of 40 orphans provided credible information on the vital status of their parents; 50% had lost their father, 30% their mother and 20% had lost both parents ,About the information that was collected from them about if they have had infected with any of these communicable diseases throughout the period of staying there , we found 38% had measles, 31%had mump,18%had rubella,4%typhoid fever .Also we found high percentage (47%) of orphans had unknown history of immunization .On examination (6%)were anemic ,no jaundice, with(8%)have gross anomalies of amputated arm ,amputated arm with speech difficulty and mongolism . As well we found (17%)who were neurologically abnormal (mentally Retarded) and 26% were psychologically upset. a community-based prevention ,care approach and support from rich people should be the cornerstone of the plan for improvement . Conclusion: Orphan children had normal BMI and their age (12-18) years about 47% for each. 50% of orphan children lost their parents. Measles is a frequent infectious disease among orphan children. High percentage (47%) of orphans had unknown history of immunization.


BMI, Orphan, Tikrit city