Study the Effect of Contraceptive drug on Some Biochemical Parameters 0f the Women in Tikrit City


ABSTRACT: Background Progestational agents, such as megestrol acetate and medroxyprogesterone acetate, are effective hormonal treatments for metastatic breast cancer in postmenopausal women. The aim of this study is knowing effect the progestational agent(only pills),(depto medroxyprogesteron) (DMPA) in some biochemical parameters (TOtal protein, globulin, ALP, TSB, uric Acid, creatinine, and lipid levels (Triglycerides, Cholesterol) in the woman. Patients & Methods: This study included ( 100 ) samples of women used progestational agents in (Clinics) (20) blood samples pulled from healthy women as Control sample. The study has carried out in Clinics from (March 2017) to (September 2017).. The samples were divided into three groups; the first group: -(40) women used a progesterone only pills (POPs) the second group: -(40) women used Depot medroxyprogesteron acetate injection(DMPA). The third group was the healthy women(control). The Results: The results of the study indicated a significant decrease in the Concentration of the Total Protein and Globulin levels at level (P <0.001) and there's no significant differences in activity ALP and TSB Concentration at level (P <0.001) The results revealed a significant decrease in the Concentration of the Uric acid at level (P <0.001) and a huge increment in the Concentration of the creatinine at level (P <0.001) in approach to the healthy group. while the results showed a rise in the concentration level of Cholesterol, Triglyceride when compared to the healthy group. Conclusion in this study there are significant decrease in the concentration of the Total protein, Globulin ,uric acid and increase in the concentration in the creatinine when compared to the healthy group, While there are arise in the concentration lipid levels(Triglycerides, Cholesterol)when compared with healthy group