Study of the nuclear structure for 38Ar, 59Co, 124Sn, 146Nd, 153Eu and 203Tl target nuclei used in fabrication the nuclear batteries


The nuclear structure of 40Ar, 112Cd, 133Cs, 151Eu, 154Sm, and 226Ra target nuclei used in nuclear battery technology has been investigated in the framework of Hartree-Fock approximation based on Skyrme effective two-body interaction. These nuclei are extensively used in radioisotope thermo-electric generator space studies and for beta voltaic battery microelectronic systems. For this purpose, some static nuclear properties have been calculated. In particular, the various nuclear single particle radial density distribution, the corresponding root mean square radii, neutron skin thicknesses and binding energies. The bremsstrahlung spectrums produced by absorption of beta particles in beta voltaic process and the backscattered photon spectrum have also been calculated. All obtained results are compared with available experimental data.