Epidemiology of Cutaneous Candidiasis among Patients Attending Tikrit Teaching Hospital


Background:Cutaneous candidiasis is a term of infection by candida yeast. it involves skin in anywhere of the body, but most often occurs in warm, moist, creased areas such as under breast in women , buttock region in babies, armpits , groins and between fingers. Cutaneous candidiasis are more common in newborn and elderly. Risk of infection occur in people who are diabetic mellitus, antibiotics use, steroid treatment & chemotherapy.Material &methodsA cross sectional study was conducted at dermatological outpatient in Tikrit Teaching Hospital during a period from 1st September 2015 to 1st of January 2016. The number of patients attending the outpatient clinic during this period were sixty five, of them 16 patient included in this study had superficial candidiasis. Presumptive diagnosis is made during clinical examination, while a definite diagnosis is obtained by scraping the site of the rash swabs then obtaining material for microscopic examination and culture.Results37.5% of patient with candidiasis were males and 62.5% were females. Intertrigo was the most form of cutaneous candidiasis found in 37.5% followed by napkin rash (31.2%). diabetic and children under five years found to be the common predisposing factors.Recommendations:Good skin care is essential for dealing fungal infections in diabetes and children, skin should be kept clean and dry, especially the skin folds areas.