Bioclimatic Evaluation For The Effect Of Surface Wind Trends On Human Thermal Comfort In Iraq


he research aims to Evaluation the role of wind trends by power on cooling, and its effect on thermal comfort in Iraq in all months of the year, based on monthly wind speeds and the accompanying air temperature average, using the Becker Cooling Power (CP) index for wind cooling power, as for each A type of wind direction, velocity average and thermal properties that differ from the other types, due to the different nature of the characteristics of the rainy region, on the one hand, and the different atmospheric pressure systems that cause it to blow, as well as the effect of topographic factors, and it has been shown that there are spatial and temporal differences in the impact of each type Wind a Influential in physiological comfort in different areas of Iraq.It has been shown that the percentage of uncomfortable cold and warm varieties accompanying each direction of the wind is high, and the proportion of comfortable varieties decreases and appears only in the months of the spring and autumn equinoxes.