Incidence and Management Modalities of Splenic Injury in Blunt Abdominal Trauma in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital at 2017


Study was done Over the past one year, starting from January 2016 to the end of October 2017, an observational, analytical –cross-sectional study had been conducted in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Al-Nasiriya city to study the estimate the incidence, severity, and mode of splenic injuries in blunt abdominal trauma, other objectives were to detect sensitivity investigations, and modalities of management in this injuries. A representative sample of 67 individual aged (6-77) years through multistage sampling had been included in the study . The diagnosis of the cases was clearly depending on the history, physical examination and investigations (ultra-sonography and CT scanning)The overall 67 patients with blunt splenic injury were identified (47 males, 20 females). The mean age of patients with splenic injury was 24.7 years .The most common cause of injury was RTA (88.2%). The most common grades of splenic injury were grade I, II. Majority of patients arrived to emergency unit after 2 hours .The most patients with RTA were managed as splenectomy (60.0%). The abdominal pain and abdominal tenderness were the most common clinical finding in splenic injury patients arrived to emergency unit. More than half of patients were stable at time of arrival to emergency unit (62.6% s ) .Splenectomy was the most common type of management (50.7%), while the conservative management was 19 patients (28.3%) most of them at age under 20 years. The study will help in establishing the priorities to act on according to the problems and their impact. Also to design the strategies for control and treatment of patients with blunt splenic injury in emergency unit.