Alcohol extract of Tribulus terrestris ameliorates liver of mice exposed to cadmium acetate


Background: Tribulus terrestris is known as food supplements and therapeutic agent. Objective: This study was presented to evaluate antitoxicity of fruit alcohol extracted from Tribulus terrestris to be used against heavy metal (cadmium) in female of albino mice. Methods: Twenty mice were examined in this experiment, and they were divided into three groups. The first group was a control group, while the second group was quaffed cadmium 6mg/kg, and third group was quaffed cadmium 6mg/kg and fruit alcohol extract of Tribulus terrestris 200mg/kg for ten days. Histological change was studied in the livers of these mice.Results: The histological sections of the liver in the mice exposed to cadmium have shown inflammation and necrosis in hepatocytes around central vein. Moreover, the liver was also hypertrophy, karyomegaly and increases glycogenesis. The results of the cadmium-exposed mice treated with the extract of Tribulus terrestris showed that the damage in the liver was slight. It showed normal cell shape and hepatic plate. It also showed simple inflammation and hypertrophy in a small space. Conclusion: The fruits of Tribulus terrestris can remove toxicity, protect our bodies (especially liver) against heavy metal such as cadmium.