Scenarios of sea-level rise and its effects on the Iraqi coast


Abstract: The conducted study aims to develop scenarios for sea- level rise due to the global climate changes and its expected impacts on the southern part of Iraq i.s.: rivers, marshes and lands. Global warming is the biggest cause of climate change increasing the melting rates for the vast pars of the glaciers in general, the lower basin area of the Mesopotamia Valley and the Iraqi coastare expected to be affected by anysea- level rise as it is an open areas on the northwestern part of the Arabian Gulf. As, it is flat plain areas that rise up(0.5 meters) from sea level in the southernmost part of its coastline between the entrance of the Shatt Al-Arab river and the entrance of Khor Al-Zubayr Lagoon.The conducted work aims to develop a future vision of the areas affected by sea-level rise by mapping the scenarios of sea level rise using remote sensing data through the use of the Global Mapper program and the digital elevation profile DEMin the case of sea-level increase between 30cm and 50cm and 1meter. The conducted research is based on recent information provided by the European Union for Geosciences; the International Atomic Energy Agency; the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This study showed that there are real risks if the sea level rises to rates of 100 cm or more, while the impact will be less if the rise to 30 cm or less.