The perfect fit between “Sidra Al-Muntaha” and “Black Hole”


This research reveals compatibility between the characteristics of “Sidrtulmuntahaa”in the “Surat annajm, and the characteristics of the “Black hole”, where as the wordcarries Semantics: obscurity, density, eye confusion, stretch, speed, heat, These ”سدر“semantics have the same characteristics as a black hole.where as it represents the isthmus between two differ- ”الْمُنْتَهَى“ As well as the wordent worlds in their laws. And all human science ends there.are consistent with the meaning of Sidra, ”جَنَّةُالْمَأْوَى“ The interpretations of thewhich is a paradise of Paradises, but from the bottom rather than the top, The souls ofmartyrs and angels entrusted with the management of the universe are harbored. It iswhich refers to “coverage, :”يَغْشَى“ the paradise in which Adam was. As well as the worddensity and generalization”. They apply to» Event Horizon» and «Accretion Disk».his meaning: the Eye, did not turn right or ,”مَازَاغَ الْبَصَرُ وَمَاطَغَى“ : As for the verseleft،and did not surpass, but he really completely sees it. This place does not see whenyou look at it but see what is next to him and beyond, but the Prophet was given the abilityto see the mand see the verses with out distracting his eye sight or over hem, and thissense corresponds to the “lens of gravity.”.الْمُنْتَهَى The interpretation of Prophet ofِدْرَةِdoes not limit its meaning; because ”سthe interpretations of the Prophet some times as a representation, or exaggeration, ormost of the thing and the most important.