Opposition and contradiction in the science of controversy and debate and their impact on the service of belief and facing deviation


Opposition and contradiction are fundamental to the science of debateand debate, and they aim to serve religion by creating the evidence that isneeded. And the science of controversy and debate of the sciences that characterizedthe Islamic civilization to reach the right of views concerning mattersof faith and legislation in Islam. This science received the attention andcare of Muslim scholars flags, where he wrote Shafi’i, Jouini, Ghazali, Fakhral-Din Razi ... And many others..Because the opposition and the opposition of the arts of controversy anddebate, they were linked to each other, but the opposition is stronger than theopposition, because the latter evaluates the evidence of the opponent andsufficient delivery in terms of apparent. The contradiction is the invalidationof the reasoning evidence, since the correct evidence is not based on the twoextremes.The books of doctrine and theology, as well as the principles of jurisprudence,are full of this wonderful art of our Islamic sciences. God bless .