Estimation the Radionuclides concentrations, Risk indicators and annual doses in soils of residential and agricultural regions in Kirkuk city


The aim of the current study is to measure the Specific activity of the radio nuclides, Risk indicators and annual doses in selected soils samples for the residential and agriculture areas in Kirkuk governorate by using the spectroscopy technique of high-purity germanium detector where 10 soil samples were collected at depth of 20 cm. The present study shows that radioactivity results for the isotopes were as the following: Radium 226Ra, Actinium 228Ac and potassium 40K are (27.6±4.1-43.3±5.4 with average value (32.86±4.95 and (12.4±0.8-28.12±4.2 with average value (20.492±2.77 and (225±9.2-327±12.1 with average value (268.76±9.06 respectively. The factor Raeq Radium equivalent (63.966-92.759 and the radioactivity concentration (I_γ) (0.469-0.666, Hazardous factors of internal and external are (0.366280-0.247378 (0.172784-0.249254 respectively. The air absorbed does (D_γ) (30.332-43.185) nGy.h-1, while the Risk indicator for the internal and external annual effective dose were (0.148797-0.220033) mSv.y -1 and (0.037199-0.052963) mSv.y -1 respectively. The comparison of the present results present a good agreement with the acceptable standard values of the World Health Organization (WHO) and has not influences on the health, environment and agriculture.