Water Injection for Oil Recovery in Mishrif Formation for Amarah Oil Field


Water injection, as the secondary oil recovery process, is the most important technology for incremental oil recovery from petroleum reservoirs. Kappa work station software (RUBIS) was used for making the numerical model and history matching. In this research, suggest two cases to enhance pressure and make a comparison in the production of oil and the reservoir pressure for two case studies where the water was not injected in the first case study but adding new vertical wells while other case water is injected. The results of this work represent that if the water is not injected, the reservoir model that has been upgraded and it can produce only 2.9% of the original oil in place. This case study also represents a drop in reservoir pressure, which was not enough to support oil production. Thus, the implementation of water injection in the second case study of the average reservoir pressure may support, which led to an increase in oil production by up to 5.5% of the original oil in place. so the case two can be considered the best scenario to develop Mishrif reservoir of Amarah oil field in the next 10 years from (2020-2030) by water injection method through drilling 18 vertical wells in addition to 6 original wells and 8 injection well using inverted nine-spot pattern which has the best recovery factor 5.5% and keep the pressure (3670 Psia) above bubble pressure (2731 Psia) to producing oil only so that, the use of water injection is a useful way to increase oil production.