Effect of spraying of GA3 and Some Micronutrients on the growth and Mineral content of Cress plant (Lepidium sativum L.)


This study is conducted in aspicial farm in Adujail citySalahaddin Governorate at the season 2015 on the cress plant. Afactorial experiment has conducted with two factors, the first is spraying with GA3 (G0 without spraying, G1 spraying with 50 mg.L-1, G2 spraying with 100 mg.L-1of GA3).the second factor is spraying with Micro Nutrients (T0 without spraying, T1spraying with 50 mg.L-1 of Fe,T2 spraying with 50 mg.L-1 of Mn, T3 spraying with amixture of 50+50 mg.L-1from Fe and Mn). The experiment is designed with (RCBD), the treatments were replicated 4 times and Duncuns Multiple Range Test at the probability 5% is used and the results are as fellowed:GA3 spraying causes asignificant increase in all Vegetative growth characters compared with the others which are not sprayed and also the Macro Nutrients concentration. Micro Nutrients sprayes on the Cress plants also causes asignificant increase in most Vegetative characters and Macro and Micro Nutrients content, specially the treatment of Fe and Mn mixture. Interaction between GA3 and Micronutrient is significant in all the treatment specially the treatment (100 mg.L-1 of GA3 + amixture of 50+50 mg.L-1 of Fe + Mn ) which give ahighest values of Vegetative growth and Macro and Micro Nutrients content .