Knowledge among Women about the Method of Delivery in Albatool Teaching Hospital in Baquba City


Background: Most of the doctors interested in cesarean section and the techniques relate to these processes. This study aimed to assess the knowledge of women about the method of delivery in Albatool Teaching Hospital. Objective: To study the preferred methods of delivery among women in relation to certain epidemiological criteria. Patients and Methods: Across sectional study was conducted among women attending in Albatool teaching hospital including all the women from 1st January during March 2018. Results: Among 200 women who included in the study, 68.5% of them preferred the vaginal delivery while the rest preferred the cesarean delivery. In the same context, 57.2% of the age group below 20 years preferred cesarean delivery, while the age group above 20 years, preferred vaginal delivery with a percentage of more than 62.7%. On the other hand, the opinions of the working women and housewife were preferred vaginal delivery with percentages 53% and 84% respectively.Conclusion: The results indicated that most women tend to participate with their own doctor in decision-making on the type of delivery.