Utilization of Glycerol for Glycerol Carbonate Synthesis via Transesterfication Reaction over Bio-Char Catalyst prepared from reed plant


Biodiesel production process was attracted more attention recently due to the surplus quantity of glycerol (G) as a byproduct from the process. Glycerol Utilization must take in to consideration to fix this issue also, to ensure biodiesel industry sustainability. Highly amount of Glycerol converted to more benefit material Glycerol carbonate (GC) was one of the most allurement compound derived from glycerol by transesterification of glycerol with dimethyl carbonate (DMC). Various parameters have highly impact on transesterification was investigated like catalyst loading (1-5) %wt., molar ratio of DMC: glycerol (5:1 – 1:1), reaction time (30 - 150) min and temperature (40 – 80) ᴼC. The Optimum glycerol carbonate yield (YGC) and glycerol conversion (XG) was obtained 94.2% and 94.5% respectively at catalyst loading 5% wt., temperature 70ᴼC, DMC:G ratio 5:1 and 120 min. GC has large scale of uses such as liquid membrane in gas separation, surfactants ,detergents , blowing agent , in plastics industry, in Pharmaceutical industry and electrolytes in lithium batteries.