Effects of Gliotoxin in the liver of mice


Gliotoxin is a mycotoxin produced mainly by the medical fungi Aspergillus fumigatus,Candida albicans, Penicillium and Trichoderma. It is considered as making huge effects to infectedimmunocompromised individuals body by immunosuppression properties. Thirty twoisolates of A. fumigatus were obtained from a total of 44 samples of sputum, nose swab andtracheal aspirate from suspected patient with aspergillosis The optimum conditions for gliotoxinproduction by AF-16 isolate were made by submerged fermentation using Yeast ExtractSucrose medium as substrate and the results indicated that AF-16 isolate was the highest gliotoxinproducer on Yeast Exract Sucrose medium with inoculum size 1×106 spores and incubationat 37 ºC for 12 days and the concentration of the toxin concentration was (3384.65μg/ml). Histopathological changes in liver, of BALB/c mice at the first week of treatment with(682, 341 and 170.5 μg/kg body weight) of both sample and standard gliotoxin in addition tosever pathological symptoms appeared on mice colon treated with sample gliotoxin.