Effects of Early Marriage on girls in the Iraqi Society (a field study in the camps for IDPS internally displaced person in the “Tazdi “, and “ Qoratu” camps in the two districts of Kalar / Khanaqin)


The reason for choosing the topic of our research (the effects of early marriage for girls in Iraqi society) is due to the issue of increasing the number, size, problems and effects that result from the matter. Early marriage is still continuing in Iraqi society, although this marriage is a type of community violence Who practices against underage girls especially that they are not realistically (physically and psychologically) qualified to complete the marriage, and therefore this study examines the effects of early marriage among all women who marry at an early age, and also learn about the relationship of the marriage project at an early age and the use of violence In the married life of the spouses. In this context, we wrote an introduction and we set out our research into four chapters, the first chapter being from defining the research problem that led them to choose this topic and the importance of this field research, and also we pointed out the most important goals in this research, in order to achieve them, and in the second chapter: effects And the classification of gender-based violence (gender) in early marriage: In the third semester, we used a social survey method and the community of this study includes the girl (woman) residing in the displaced persons camp in the garmian region (Tazdi-Quratu), and they are only (165) of the total. Early age, we used statistical methods and also we put together a set A sample of the question is a special one from among the questionnaire that it is trying to answer through the field part of this research, and in the fourth and last semester we carried out: analyzing the field data and the most important results for this research.