Effect of Plant Seeds Peganum harmala L- Evaporation on Liver and Heart Enzymes Activity and Total Protein in Male White Rats (Rattus norvegicus) Treated with Chlorpromazine


This study was conducted on (60) of male white rats aged 3-4 months and weighing (300-200)g were divided into two groups first: negative control group and includes 10 males dosed with distilled water, and the remaining animals dosed with chlorpromazine drug (2 mg / kg) B.W daily for six weeks, Then the treated animals divided into five groups, each group consisting of 10 rats, a positive control group treated with chlorpromazine only and the second group evaporated with peganum harmala seeds for 7 days, third evaporated for 14 days and fifth group evaporated for 21 days, and final group dosed with chlorpromazine and let for 30 days without evaporation with peganum harmala seeds. The positive group results showed a significant increase in the activity of ALT, AST and significant decrease in the activity of ALP, ACP and LDH as well as significant decrease in serum total protein concentration, while the results of the evaporated groups with peganum harmala seeds showed a significant decrease in the activity of ALT and AST enzyme and significantly increased in the activity of ALP, ACP and LDH enzymes in in addition to a significant increase in total serum protein concentration. Finally, the groups that let for 30 days without evaporation showed the continued negative effect of the drug. The enzymatic activity and the concentration of total protein did not return to normal level.