Using the strategic analysis matrix SWOT to evaluate university performance


The research aims to highlighting the importance of evaluating the performance of public universities in view of the information provided about efficiency and effectiveness by setting a proposed model to evaluate the performance of Iraqi universities by adopting the strategic analysis SWOT. The research problem stems from the idea that the evaluation of performance which is based on traditional procedures is ineffective Its leads to weakness in giving a clear and comprehensive picture of the educational institution’s performance unless it is accompanied with other modern tools in evaluating the performance of public universities, in particular in order to stand on the level of the their performance efficiency and effectiveness. The research was based on a basic hypothesis that relying on the tools of strategic analysis SWOT in evaluating the performance of public universities will raise their performance efficiency and effectiveness. The research reached a number of conclusions, the most prominent of which is that the SWOT model is an important model in using the process of the strategic analysis for educational institution. It helps to measure and evaluate the performance for determining the potential of this institution and harnessing its capacity. The process also helps to determine the indicators for measuring the level of performance as an essential and important basic for the purpose of monitoring and improving performance and investigating reasons of deviations to take correct action. Based on these conclusions, the research recommendations are the necessity for educational institutions to review their strategic plans on an ongoing basis and update them in a way that enables them to impose the control component under the efficiency system. It is also important to create a team of the performance evaluation within the organization itself to identify the efficiency of using its available economic resources, and the extent to which they are applied to the declared goals and prior to the performance audit by external auditors