Study of Solvent Effects on the UV/ Visible Spectra Of Anewly Synthesized Azo-Dye5-( 8- hydroxyquinoline azo )-para phenyl acetic acid Part I


The influence of solvent polarity on the absorption spectra of synthesized azo dye with 4-aminophenyl acetic acid and 8-hydroxyquinoline has been investigated using a UV-Visible spectrophotometer. 5-(8-hydroxyquinoline azo ) -paraphenyl acetic acid(HAPA ) is newly synthesized compound which has different position of UV-Visibile absorption band in the range between 300 nm to 600 nm. The spectral characteristics of this azo dyes( HAPA) in different solvents at room temperature was analyzed. the aim of studying the effect of solvents on the absorption spectra of this dyes in organic solvent of different characters. The solvatochromic behaviors of (HAPA) dye and solvent ̸ solute interactions can be analyzed by means of linear( solvation). The absorption spectra was (HAPA) dyes found to be two main bands at which 435nm which saw that Transition π-π* of the - N=N- group show a hypsochromic shift and550nm with n-π* transition This band is found to be highly dependent on solvent polarity and it shows a bathochromic shift with increasing solvent polarity