Military Industrialization and its Effect on Strengthening Apartheid in the Republic of South Africa 1948-1980


Since the establishment of the Union of South Africa in 1910, its government has made clear the importance of the military aspect of its control over all black anti-white elements, and that the issue of supplying arms to South Africa has become a matter of life or death for the Union's government as a result of the permanent objection to its racist policy against the blacks. Therefore, the main and clear goal of the government has become to take care of the military power and military industrialization in the country. This military race and the accompanying increasing frequency of racial discrimination in South Africa had the effect of starting international economic boycotts against the export of military weapons to South Africa. The credit for the development of the military arsenal in South Africa is largely due to Britain, the United States of America and Israel through military deals, technical licenses and the American circumvention, especially on the international arms embargo.