The role of the marketing mix of the company in enhancing its social responsibility: An applied study in the Asiacell company in the Erbil City/ Kurdistan Region of Iraq


The current research aims to clarify the impact of the marketing mix elements on social responsibility. To achieve the objectives of the research was designed a questionnaire form prepared in line with the research goal was distributed (36) in the research organization - Asia cell, on a sample of selected managers and technicians. The number of the questionnaires was (32) with a retrieval rate (88%). The data obtained from the researched field were analyzed using simple and multiple linear regression models, which helped to produce a set of results, in the light of which a number of conclusions, including; there are significant positive impact of the marketing mix elements on social responsibility. In light of the conclusions, the research presented its recommendations, the most important of which is: the recommendation urges the researched organization to focus on understanding the overlap between marketing ethics and social responsibility of both the business organization, customer and sociality.