Fraitat barium preparation and study the feasibility of microwave Tohanha of the waves and the possibility of achieving full compatibility of the conditions within the frequency range 8-12 GHz


In this work Hexagonal structure Barium ferrite were prepared by conventional ceramic technology to study and investigate the attenuation of Microwaves in the frequency range (8-12 GHz) .The microwave attenuation behavior studied by using one-ended slotted line waveguide and the reflection lose calculated as a function of the resonance frequency with in the X-Band by measuring the ratio of (VSWR) in the wave guide. We depend here numerical variations like doping ratio and sintering process parameters like temperature and time, to determined the effect of structure properties on the Absorption behavior Attenuation measurements. The results show that all ferrites in our study have small relative absorption bandwidth, with some shifts of resonance frequency as a result of doping elements. We measure the relative permittivity with its two parts (real and imaginary) and Dialectic constant ( ) with its two part (real and imaginary) for the ferrite in frequency rang to study the ability of built up an absorbing composite materials over a wide rang of frequency.المقدمة :-