Design and Implementation of Investigative Committee System


Database management system is important andfundamental at present. Access databases are importantand efficient storage tools. In this system, a databasemanagement system is designed and built to fulfill therequirement of the Legal Affairs Department -Investigative Committees Division - University of Diyala.The database was built using Microsoft Access databases,and the code was built using the C # programminglanguage. This system is designed to be easy to handle forany user as an example of (Google material design)technology for the purpose of increasing interactionbetween the user and the program. It also contains an alertsystem in the event of the expiration of the investigativecommission period. In this application you can easilysearch for any committee and its details. It also providesstatistics for committees that were formed during the yearor a specific month or period. It also contains reports forthe purpose of printing results or saving them in variousformats (PDF-WORD-EXCEL), which facilitates itscompatibility with most office programs. In addition, it hasa system for data protection and preservation from anyunauthorized person.