The Effect of the Political Reality on the Official Religious Learning in Turkey 1923-1960


The period of research extends from the founding of the modern Turkish Republic of 1923 passing through the coup of 1960 . It is an important historical period in the modern history of Turkey because there have been many changes in society in many respects. As education is an important element of society, we have shed light on this issue. The subject matter in general and the sepecificity of religious education in Turkey and its variants in particular have been chosen as a subject for study . The Turkish Republic of Turkey headed by the First President of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , has taken a different approach to the policy pursued by the Ottoman Empire in the educational system, which has undergone many changes and coups as it has done in other areas. It was natural for the Ottoman state to adopt Islamic Iaw and to have a relious character in the field of education