Modern technology and its role in literary expression when students of the fifth grade literary.


Praise be to God who created man, and taught him the statement, and peace and blessings on the best of his creation and the nobility of his prophets, our Prophet Muhammad "peace be upon him" and guided the gift to the day of religion, and after : The written language is the principal axis of the human civilization, and distinguished from all other creatures. human can record their experiences through writing, so it is providing the opportunity for future generations to benefit from these experiences. The importance of written expression as one of the most important means of communication, and the important point here is the talking about literary expression and the role of modern technology in the expression of literature. In the opinion of the researcher there is a great responsibility rests on the teacher and his management of creative education by using modern technology, especially as it is based on the development of a social environment which employs the skills of students. Solving the problem is based on using technology and modern teachers who responsible for the development of creativity. Therefore, in order teacher be able to play the right role in development of creativity, he must be trained in a specific technology that he adopts to nurture the creativity and develop it among the students