Evaluation of the Appropriate spatial expansion of the city of Tuzkhurmatu using GIS software.


This search dealt with the predication of to predict the future of the city area until the year 2036 year goal, and then rating relevance spatial to expand area for directing the expansion of the city for the future in the areas of the most appropriate than others through the study of the factors that affect the expansion area receive Tuzkhurmatu analysis of the impact of these factors spatially by what provided by environment geographic information systems (GIS) by the application of the analyst spatial (spatial analyst) and make the process of matching weighted (weighted overlay) by giving weights factors influencing the expansion of the city as the relative importance of each of which, as it appeared results outweigh three sites to expand area first appeared in the North of the city on the axis of road (Tuzkhurmatu - Kirkuk) axis II in the West side of the city along the irrigation project Kirkuk and axis by Tuzkhurmatu - Tikrit, either axis third in the West side of the city along the way Tuzkhurmatu Baghdad where is this is axes of the three best areas to expand provides this axes of the three together the need of the Earth, the ability of the target of up to (930,3) hectares