The impact of social variables on social welfare in Kirkuk city in(2018)


The study followed the inductive method based on the extrapolation of the geographical material and the collection of various data from the sources and field of the study, study and analysis it to serve the research and achieve it in a scientific and objective manner. The study included :The first section deals with theoretical framework for research. The second section, which highlighted the social welfare variables and its impact on the general welfare of Kirkuk city as well as their spatial variation.The third section dealt with ways to improve the indicators of social welfare in the city.The study relied basically on the Social Welfare Index and its methods of measurement which contains a set of steps that must be followed to reach the social welfare index in the city through modern statistical methods, The study ended with a conclusion that showed the effect of the social variables on the measurement of social welfare index in the city and its spatial variation among its districts.