Abu Lubaabah historical study


Companion Abu Lubaabah bin Abdul Warner is one of many historical figures that were on the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (peace be upon him), had his honorable positions code on the pages of history, as is the habit of the majority of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) , on the basis of his role in the many invasions Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has Benaha in this study in addition to its role in the transfer of modern and biography Prophet Muhammad which Narratives detailed and are listed in many of our sources of historical as well as in many of the books Asahah and interpretation of the Koran , which gives Marwyate credibility and importance can not be overlooked.In order to be objective in our offer for this topic was for my father to Lubaabah slip with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and the lintel where the Prophet (peace be upon him), therefore we highlighted them and explained the reasons that led to it and how to re-stating all this guilt that has not Ictmh rather it is announced and recognized it at the moment of committing him, The soul of human is infallible, but this is not an excuse to commit sins that are a heavy burden on the back of its perpetrator, so shall God to repent and seek forgiveness for sin is approved by God in the verse ((Did not know God accepts repentance from His slaves and takes the alms, and that God is the Most Merciful)) (repentance - verse 104), but this repentance does not include those who insist on committing sins, but are for Twaben Almstghafrin for their sins, but he refused to Lubaabah admitted his guilt and regret it and Kafr it was not him then slip with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), which is what we have in this study that we have adopted what has been mentioned in the texts of our sources are recorded in the different historical, and God bless.