Using Remote sensing Data and Geographic Information Systems Applications to Determine Land Cover Changes in Al - Hamdaniyah District


This study was conducted to identify changes in land cover between 2000 and 2018 in Al- Hamdaniyah district using the integration method for remote sensing data and geographic information systems applications to verify spatial and temporal changes. A part of Mosul governorate is selected as a study area with an area of 1155 km2. For the purpose of analysis.All images referred to above have been geometrically corrected and registered in Muscat Mercator World Browser (UTM) and within the 38 North range and the use of a wave rating system to classify images in different categories. Six types of land cover were used to determine the change in land cover in the study area. These are water bodies, agricultural lands, barren lands, saline lands, fallow lands, human settlements and transportation methods.The study pointed out that the ability of GIS technology to produce accurate maps for land use is clear, and the statistics of this use is to extract each use and give the percentages covered by the area of the study.