The Effect of Using the PLAN Strategy to Acquire Concepts and Scientific Enlightenment for Second Grade Students


The objective research was to identify the effect of using the PLAN strategy to acquire concepts and scientific enlightenment for second grade students, Two equal groups (32) students for the first experimental group studied according to the PLAN strategy, and (32) ) To the student The control group studied in accordance with the usual way. The researchers evaluated the two research groups statistically in many variables. They also prepared the research requirements of (determining scientific material, defining scientific concepts, formulating behavioral objectives, preparing teaching plans) ). The first tool (the concept acquisition test), which is the final form of (48) (multiple choice), and the second (the scale of scientific enlightenment). The experiment was applied in 21 weeks. The results showed that the experimental group studied according to the PLAN strategy exceeded the control group, Scientific concepts and scientific enlightenment scale.. A set of conclusions , recommendations and proposals were made.