Chronic toxicity study of oral aqueous extract of the seeds of Peganum harmala L plant a preliminary study on the effect of aqueous extract enzymes and bone marrow, and members of the white rats


The oral chronicity of the aqueous extract of peganium harmala seeds has been studied for 52 weeks in albino rats of both sexes, using two dose level, (37 and 100 mg/kg. body weight) no effect was noted in the weights of rats in both doses during the first eight months . However, significant effect was after 10 and 12 months of treatment with the extract (100 mg/kg) respectively in comparison with the control animals.All the biochemical tests including the activity of alkaline phosphatase , SGOT , SGPT , CPK , blood sugar , total protein electrophoresis were unaffected. No effect on the proliferation of bone marrow was depicted in the treated animals . no gross and histopathological changes were found in the organs examined , with the exception to hydropic degeneration in only few animals treated with the extract.