Comparative Study of Perturb & Observe, Modified Perturb & Observe and Modified Incremental Conductance MPPT Techniques for PV Systems


This paper presents a modified maximum power point tracking algorithm(Modified MPPT) for PV systems based on incremental conductance (IC)algorithm. This method verified with the dynamic irradiance and suddenchange of irradiance, the comparisons with conventional methods, forexample, the perturbation and observation (P&O) and Modifiedperturbation and observation (Modified P&O) were performed. Aphotovoltaic (PV) panel was simulated and tested usingMATLAB/Simulink based on PV panel at Power Electronics Laboratory.The results show that this method capable to find the maximum powerpoint (MPP) under dynamic behavior faster than ( P&O) and ModifiedP&O). Reduced oscillation of MPP indicates enhanced efficiency,providing maximum power transfer to load.