A comparison between Bayes estimation and the estimation of the minimal unbiased quadratic Standard of the bi-division variance analysis model in the presence of interaction


In this study, the variance compounds parameters of the mixed bi-division variance analysis sample are estimated. This estimation is obtained, by Bayes quadratic unbiased estimator. The second way to estimate variance compounds parameters of a suggested tow-way analysis of variance mixed model with interaction. estimation is done out by the approach called (MINQUÉ). The estimation approach is conducted on true obtained from departments at the college of agriculture/university of Mosul. These data represent the development of growing various kinds of tomato so that the development represents three factors: the first is tomato kind, this is the first factor (H) and the factor of natural fertilizer rate, and this is the second factor (M), and the interaction between the two factors (HM). A random sample is taken from these data in order to get the random linear sample. The elementary values estimated by Bayes unbiased estimator are very much close to those estimated by variance analysis style when compared with the estimated values of the variance estimation parameters done by minimum standard quadratic unbiased estimation. The elementary values represent random linear sample parameters used to estimate minimum quadratic unbiased standard. The elementary values of the estimations are also obtained via analyzing bi-division variance, then these estimations are employed in estimating minimum quadratic unbiased standard. the estimation results by Bayes approach are very similar to those done by variance analysis.