Cloud-Based Vehicle Tracking System


The need for a vehicle tracking system in real-time is growing continuously due to the increase of thetheft cases. This type of system needs to transmit large data with a huge number of HTTP request to the server tokeep tracking and monitoring the vehicle in real- time, this will made the expenditure extremely high every monthfor transmitting the information of the tracked vehicles to the server, therefor this expensditure needs to be reducedby reducing the data size that transmits to the servers. This paper presented an integrated vehicle tracking systemin real- time to track vehicle anywhere at any time. This system is mainly divided into two parts: vehicle trackingpart and monitoring part. Tracking part is represented by installation the electronic devices in the vehicle usingArduino UNO R3 and SIM800L GSM/ GPRS modem. the coordinates is changed to add a type of protection tothe information before sending it via a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). The monitoring part is in the cloudand will receive the coordinates and the displays it on a map in a web page. The main contribution of this systemis reducing the data size that sent from the embedded system by selecting only the necessary data for the trackedvehicle that sent to the remote server via constrain the transmission of information with the movement of the vehicles,since the coordinates will be sent each 10s, and will not sent when the vehicle is not moving and this will save the cost.