مفهوم العشق عند الفلاسفة وموقف المتكلمين


In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to God, who guided the servants to his love and attracted their hearts to his lover, and prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad, the antidote to lovers, the source of longings, and his family and companions, horizons until the day of the encounter.And after:This research seeks to explore the concept of love in two schools:1- The school of philosophers: which looked at love from the point of view of the confused confusion under the lust of illusion and the imagination that became the love: that it is the tendency of the soul to love the physical pleasure and some of them saw it as a picture of the flowing in effect and the intention towards the fuller being that is the Lord; but they are with this belief However, they have offended the Lord in that this Lord does not have the will and action to make him act in the universe !!! .2- The Speakers School: represented by the people of gratitude who are standing, who adhere to the pillar of charity. Critics of the Guide to Straight and Round Motion say philosophers who say the eternity of some elements are what is seen from the occurrence of accidents and the absence thereof, and what requires precedence with others.The aim of the research: We tried to accommodate most of the opinions that feed into the content of the general and special concept of love and highlight cognitive concepts, and then employing them in our lives and making them a life model that elevates souls and elevates the aspirations to the meanings of the people of understanding and knowledge of God.