Devising of Eggplant Cultivar "Athmania 22 "


During the period 1996 – 2003 a program has been carried for purifying and improving genotype of local eggplant originality derived from the local "Muntakheb Al - Zuafrania" selection in Al - Athmania – Beni Saad in Diyala province is known by its high endurance and disease resistance.Pure line selection has been applied in carrying out this program for the aim of its genetically purifying and for improving its productability , both quantitatively and qualitatively , and throw seven selectional generations , a line numbered 22 out of 25 lines underwent selection has been got . This lines has high productability in the crop which got 81.95 tonh for the two season 2003 – 2004 and 2004 – 2005 increased at the rate 49.60% more than the genotype from which it is derived and 42.55% from the local variety "Muntakheb Al - Zuafrania" .In addition ,the plants of this line are generally known by its strength of growth represented by (length of plant and its many branches) and disease resistance. the fruit of this line have proper length slightly curved shape , sherry black color, little thorns on the sepal and the core of the fruit is sweeter than other lines and the genotype from which it is derived. This line can be regarded as a brand new variety of eggplant under the name "Athmania 22 ". Finally, it can be planted instead of bad local variety used now.