Measurement of Radioactivity in Some Commercial Porcelain Samples by Using HPGe Detector


Estimations of specific activity concentrations in eight commercial porcelain tiles made indifferent countries were performed by the use of HPGe detector. We have found that thehighest specific activity concentrations for 238U, 40K were equal to (21.120 Bq/kg) and(283.862 Bq/kg) respectively, Iranian origin, while the highest specific activity concentrationfor 232Th was found to be equal to (29.292 Bq/kg), Iraqi origin; all of which were less thantheir corresponding recommended values given by (UNSCEAR, 2000). The radiation hazardindices [Iɣ , Hin ,Hex , Raeq ,DƔ , (AEDE) in and (AEDE) out] were also studied and their valueswere less than the allowed values determined by (UNSCEAR, 2000). Therefore, all thestudied tiles of commercial porcelain are safe when used, for example, in floor constructions