Effect of the adding method of nourishing solution (Folia Stim Ultra) with some plant extracts on some traits of the date palm yield (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Zahdi cultivar


This experiment was conducted on a private farm located in Saddat-Al-Hindya district, Babylon province, on the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Zahdi cultivar, with an age of twenty-five years during the seasons (2017-2018) to know the effect of spraying the leaves of the date palm A (A1 without spraying, spraying the leaves A2), trunk injection B (without injection B1 and trunk injection B2), and ground additives C (the control C1, on the surface C2, to depth 25 cm C3, to depth 50 cm C4) with a nourishing solution (Folia Stim Liquid with adding licorice extract 20 ml.L-1, clove extract, and Cyperus tubers 10 ml.L-1) at a concentration of (10 ml.L-1). The fertilization process was conducted three times before opening the flowering buds, and in the two stages of Hababuk and Chemri, it was implemented as a factorial experiment according to The randomized complete block design (RCBD), with three replicates and a rate of one palm for the experimental unit and arithmetic averages were compared according to the least significant difference test (L.S.D) under the probability level 5%. The results of the study showed that the spraying treatment of the leaves date palm with a nourishing solution with some plant extracts had a significant effect on all studied traits (percentage of fruit set, fruit weight, the weight of bunches, number of bunches, and total yield) which recorded (73.1%, 7.19 g, 5.32 kg, 14.11, 75.13 kg), except for the seed weight, no significant difference was seen. As for the treatment of trunk injection, it showed a significant excelling in the trait of the percentage of fruit set, fruit weight, the weight of bunches, and the total yield which gave (72.2%, 7.13 g, 5.28 kg, 78.03 kg). As for the adding method to the soil, the addition at the depth of (50 cm) has excelled in all studied traits (percentage of fruit set, seed weight, the weight of bunches and total yield) which amounted to (75.4%, 0.90 g, 5.40 kg, 13,93,75.64 kg) except for the weight of the fruit, it has excelled in the adding treatment at a depth of (25 cm).