Preparation of Activated carbon of the dry corn and residues of poly ethelenetereaphthalate in the Alkali Media


The research work involve preparation of activated carbon from Plant corn grain dry in the presence of some additive Residual of poly ethelenetereaphthalate.and the anather way Carbonization was conducted by mixing a known weight of the feedstock with variable quantity of the additive and fixed ratio of Potassium hydroxide. Carbonization completed using fusion in solid state in the absence of solvents. Feedstock and mainly Remnants of poly ethelenetereaphthalate were decompose thermally in a Small chains containing to naphthoxide radicals, these radicals can be connected with the Chains of activated carbon aiming to increase polarity ,This was found from the reaction it self . this research has been studying the product sample was evaluated by measuring methylene blue dye, iodine number, density and humidity then compared with the Commercial carbon (B.H.D), The surface area of raw material before and after carbonization process with adsorption methylene blue method from aqueous solution were studies by Atomic Forces Macroscopic (AFM), In addition the active carbon prepared was characterized by FT-IR spectra.