Use Nucleus Dates to Treat Industrial Wastewater From Acetophenone Contamination


In previous studies, one of the applications of the phenomenon of adsorption in solutions using natural materials as catalysts for the removal of industrial materials from some of the pollutant. The study examined the potential adsorption of some pollutants in their water solutions on the surface of some substances in nature such as dates nuclei powder for the purpose of reducing their concentration in industrial waters. Pollutants of the aquatic environment. The susceptibility of crushed date nuclei to the adsorption of Acetophenone which is, one of the products of some industrial water using ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy, was studied in the determination of adsorption isotherm, and then compared it to the Frindlech adsorption isotherm. Some important physical variables, such as acidity change, temperature effect, and the size of the adsorption material, have been studied on the amount of adsorption material and the amount of the effect of the adsorption material on these materials, showing the possibility of using these materials to purify industrial water.