Battle of the parties (trench) its causes - nature - results: a descriptive - analytical study


Praise be to God and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad and his family andcompanions, and after: Al-Maghazi prophetical is the most important stage in the eraof the Muhammadiyah message, which contributed to the emergence of Islam on theground in the Arabian Peninsula and then spread to the rest of the world.The battle of the parties was one of the most important defensive invasions,which, thanks to God Almighty, stood by the challenges faced by the Holy ProphetMuhammad and the Muslims in the city, and reflected the images of patience, courageand steadfastness - despite the foresting of the circumstances they experienced - Itis the first battle in which Muslims resort to a new art in the fighting at the time,namely, digging the ditch and taking defensive positions behind it, a method unknownto the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula at the time.The leadership of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and his wisdom and goodmanagement of this battle, which was one of the most important factors of victory.As a result of the importance of this invasion, this study came to shed light onthe causes, causes and consequences. I organized in this introduction - two papersand a conclusion.I spoke in the first section about the reason, history, preparations and evocationsof Muslims and polytheists. With reference to the excavation of the trench.The second topic was the confrontation between the two sides, the betrayal of theJews and the infidelity of the hypocrites, the difficult days of the Muslims, the defeatof the parties, the means of defeat and its consequences