The Topical Effect of Coenzyme Q10 on Wound Healing in Mice


the current paper examines the topical effect of Coenzyme Q10 ointment in mice. Materials and Methods: Fifteen well male albino mice with equivalent age were designated for this research. The animals were divided into 3 clusters of five animals for each group. Group one worked as a control and was applied Vaseline ointment topically on skin wound. Groups; two and three were applied topically Coenzyme Q10 ointment 4%, 8% respectively on skin wound. These applications were repeated every day. The wound size and wound contraction ratios were measured in 1st, 4th, 7th days of the experimental procedure. Result: There were significant differences between groups in wound size and wound contraction ratios. The groups were treated with Coenzyme Q10 in different concentrations. They are better in rating the wound healing. Conclusion: The topical application of CoQ10 in different concentrations encourages the wound curing in the soft tissue of mice.