Oil Removal from Oilfield Produced Water, North Rumaila by Combination CoagulationFlocculation and Microfiltration Technique


Abstract- The Southern Oil Company, which is operated in North Rumailaoilfield in Basrah/ Iraq, is one of the important companies which producedhuge amounts of produced oilfield water. The aim of this study is to treat theproduced water by hybrid methods: the process of coagulation-flocculationand microfiltration technique (ceramic membrane) to remove the oil contentand improve the water quality to meet the allowable limit of reinjection intothe reservoir. Poly-aluminum chloride (PAC), and Ferric Chloride(FeCl3.6H2O) coagulants were used separately and in combination withcationic polyelectrolyte (PE). After produced water was treated with differentdoses of coagulant, it was passed through the Microfiltration technique/ceramic membrane (0.5µm) to reach the allowable limit for reinjection. It wasfound that the best value of oil content after passing through ceramicmembrane is 0.2 mg/L at FeCl3.6H2O dose (10 mg/L) combined with PE dose(0.6 mg/L), which was less than the allowable limit for re-injection, (5) ppm.