Numerical and Experimental Analysis to Study the Effect of Double Triangle Core on the Dynamic Response of Sandwich Structure


Sandwich structure plates are most widely used in the automotive, aerospace and naval structures. As it gives material with low density and relatively high normal compression and shear properties. In this paper, Finite element method was used with ANSYS APDL (16) to analyze the effect of duplicate core in sandwich steel structure on the dynamic response under the action of impact loading. Also, conducted impact tests with hammer and NI devises to achieve the simulation results. The chief purpose of this work is to get a high reduction in deformation between upper and lower skins. Isolate deflections of sandwich plates are compared between single and double cores of structures. The construction of the sandwich composite model consisted of two sheets layers with single triangle corrugated core and three sheets layer with double triangle corrugated core. All of configurations for both core and skin are made from the same material (steel alloy 304) and have (500mm × 500mm) length and width. The results observed that the reduction of deflection and strain are increased in double core. The comparison between experimental and numerical transient results gives good agreement with error does not exceed (13%).