The role of strategic intelligence for senior leaders in promoting organizational excellence: An exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of academic leaders at the University of Al-Hamdaniya


The problem of this study is related to level of knowledge of top management in the selected University about strategic intelligence and the effect of that on the enhancement of organizational excellence. The objectives of the study is the explain the correlation and effect between strategic intelligence and organizational excellence. To achieve this goal, a questionnaire was developed and distributed between 51 academics in different organizational levels including; (Assistants of the university president, Deans, Assistants of Deans, Head of Departments, and managers of other departments in the head office of the University). SPSS software has been used in order to get results. The main conclusion of the study was that the strategic intelligence enhance the organizational excellence in the selected University. Depending on that, the author recommends that the selected University should be more aware about the strategic vision in order to be able to frame the needed strategic to more effective.