Using Factor Analysis to Study the Affecting Factors on Users of Smart Tablet in Representative of the Education Ministry in Dohuk


Factor analysis is one of the most important statistical methods that aims to study the various phenomena and variables in order to determine the most important factors that affected a particular phenomenon under a study by analyzing correlation coefficients between the variables of the phenomenon studied. In addition to the fact that the factor analysis is characterized by its ability to summarize the many variables and identify the most important and their arrangement, in this research, the basic variables affecting smart tablet users were studied and the important variables were identified using factor analysis. The axis rotation method (Vairmax) was also used, which aims to obtain the best loading and ensure the ability of factors to explain, as the research was divided into three main axes (health, social, and economic). The analysis done by using SPSS Ver.24 program, the axis variables were shown to affect differently according to the factor analysis, where the importance of each of them was determined, and the factor analysis was very useful by depending on the characteristic roots. A questionnaire was designed to include 25 questions and distributed them on samples to be distributed to different age groups from the age of 10 years to the age of 50 years. Where the questionnaire was distributed to 120 samples in several places, including primary and secondary schools, teachers and employees at representative of the Education Ministry in Dohuk.