Investigate some Species of Candida Contaminated with Yogurt and Tested its Sensitivity to some Antibiotics


Twenty-five samples of sheep yogurt were collected from different regions in Nineveh Governorate, marketed to local markets in the city of Mosul / Iraq. Isolates were diagnosed after phenotypic; culture and biochemical tests and the diagnosis was confirmed using API 20C test. The results showed that yeasts belong to the following species: Candida guilliermondii 28%, C. krusei 12%, C. norvegensis 36% and C. utilis 24%. The resistance of isolates was studied for six antibiotics. The results of the sensitivity examination showed a variation in the resistance of yeasts to antibiotics and yeast showed C. utilis resistance to all antibiotics used except Nystatin while the yeast C. krusei was sensitive to all antibiotics and was resistant to Candizole and Nystatin. The rest of the isolates varied in the resistance to the antibiotics used.